10396324_SUsing cloud computing services can help a consumer or a business with their infrastructure efficiency.

Let's imagine two scenarios, and then make a comparison. The first example involves a growing business with an executive staff in charge of making sure that all the employees have the hardware and software they need. The staff spends time working with the IT department (or has those skills and responsibilities) to buy computers and make sure they have the software licenses. Every new hire requires new software. It's a ball that never stops rolling!

Now, the second scenario: An executive for a growing business utilizes cloud computing services to maintain software for each computer. When a new hire arrives, the executive is able to log on to the web-based service and loads one application. Done! Which scenario sounds easier and more efficient to you?

Whether you are a consumer or business owner, utilizing cloud services can greatly impact your bottom line in terms of both time and money. Organizations can use Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), or Platform as a Service (PaaS). IaaS uses an existing infrastructure through a pay-per-use account. This could be a good choice for companies looking to save on costs for managing and maintaining IT infrastructure. Turning to PaaS could in turn increase speed for development on ready-to-use platforms that deploy chosen application.

Cloud services offer the possibility of maintaining a file storage without using company hardware. By storing and accessing files on Internet based cloud storage, consumers or businesses can retrieve these from any internet access. This means that you have time, freedom, and speed to utilize the networks at your pace. There's also the ability to store data offsite -- a benefit for organizations that must satisfy regulatory compliance requirements.

Two more aspects for cloud computing could be some of the most beneficial: Disaster recovery and backup. Using cloud based services provides faster recovery from multiple sources in the event it is needed. Backing up data has long been complex and resource consuming. Tapes, manual collection, backup facility, human error...sounds scary. Using cloud services allows you to automatically dispatch needed information to any location via internet; security and capacity no longer an issue.

There are several internet based options from Google Drive to Apple iCloud as well as cloud computing services a consumer or business can purchase and blend for more personal exchanges. Utilizing cloud computing services can allow a company to better utilize important resources.