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About ORAM Corporate Advisors

Working With You

We help small, medium-sized businesses and large enterprises by providing outsourced IT services. We can be your total solution, or we can support your in-house IT department.

What We Do?

Who We Work With?

Our clients are in banking, financial management, defense and space, government administration, hospitality, healthcare, law and legal services and venture capital – as well as other industries. We generally work with the CFO, COO, Chief of Staff or General Manager. Our clients are the decision makers – they’re running the organization day to day but would like to be making business decisions – not decisions about what financial application to use or how to resolve a compliance issue – but rather forward-thinking strategic decisions. We work with people who have objectives. They want clarity about the business but are not eager to get involved in the details. Often, our clients are visionaries or conceptual thinkers who know that data is king. The more sense they can make of the data they collect, the more they can grow.

Why work with ORAM?

We power your business

You know that opportunities await. The question is, can the company handle expansion? We aid long-term growth.

We make it simple

You don’t know, what you don’t know. We create the solution.

We make sure you’re compliant

There are so many issues involving security it can get confusing. We untangle those issues and make sure you’re following the compliance standards of your industry – HIPPA, SEC, PCI, Dodd-Frank, and any other regulations.

We help you avoid pain

Whether is a non-functioning email system, data that is spread across servers and applications or too many steps in the work process – we’ll investigate, do our research and provide a solution that works seamlessly.

We take a major headache and make it your competitive advantage.

Think about the possibility of taking one more worry off your shoulders.

Why work with ORAM?

We’re here to support the business and make it easier to do business, be more profitable and grow exponentially.

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