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Welcome to ORAM Corporate Advisors

ORAM is all about technology – but we’re here to make it simple. As a business owner, you want to avoid making costly mistakes. You’d like to know that the decisions you make are the right ones. You’d prefer not to have to back track or revise processes. Truth is, for most business owners it’s almost impossible to know the best technology to use, the best process for accomplishing a task, or the best application for a particular workflow. That’s where we come in. Technology is our department.

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Working with You

ORAM would like to work WITH you – helping to solve any problems or pain points you experience as you grow. We want to be your partner. Whether you’re moving, adding services, streamlining a process or just want to work smarter, we’d like to consult with you. Why? Because technology shouldn’t be the problem, but rather it should be a major factor in the solution. Our experience can help alleviate issues and avoid costly mistakes.

Our Clients

We have experience in finance, law, healthcare, hospitality and security. We know systems, solutions, security, communication, marketing, compliance and data management. We help small businesses get started on the right foot. And we help larger organizations establish new offices across the country. We connect remote offices so everyone is tied into the same system. We make sure large companies, with boots on the ground, stay agile with mobile technologies. Tell us what you need and we’ll help put solutions in place.

Our Team

Why Oram ?

Simply put, we make it easier. We help small and medium-sized businesses by creating and servicing your IT infrastructure. And we support larger companies by providing additional support, specific application knowledge, system implementation or training. Hiring a qualified consultant provides advantages that are both cost effective and smart.

The experience we have with one client, adds to the knowledge and direction we can give to another. While processes and applications differ with various industries, the research and analysis we conduct to identify the best solution for any situation, is the same. We’re business analysts. We ask questions. We probe. We plan, test, implement, and maintain your IT infrastructure for you. You run your business. We take care of the technology.

About ORAM

We’re about doing it right. Our group is composed of industry experts – people whose philosophy is to develop an IT strategy with YOUR business goals in mind. There’s no predetermined package. No commitment to certain vendors. Instead, we work with you as your partner. We understand that if we develop the right IT strategy for your business, you will grow. And as you grow, we’ll continue to customize our services to maximize your opportunities. Whether your business is big or small, talk to us. Let’s discuss the ways we can help your business.

IT Industry Experts

Our commitment to your success

We succeed by staying current. We research. We test products. We exchange information with top vendors. We hire the best in the industry. This is an ever-changing, dynamic field. The possibilities are endless. Solutions are entering the market daily. We are constantly learning. And we try to pass as much of that knowledge on to our clients as possible. As a client, you have access to information in one place.

What other companies say about ORAM.

Don’t take our word for it. Look at our testimonials and see for yourself how we’ve helped companies in many industries.


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Need more information or want a free assessment of your IT?

Please contact us – we’re happy to answer questions or provide more information as needed. And if you are a small to mid-sized business, we’re happy to provide an IT assessment at no cost to you. It’s a simple 5-question review that you can request on our Contact Us page.

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