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The Week in Breach: Chipotle

Chipotle: American chain of fast casual restaurants Risk to Small Business: Severe: Several individuals took to Twitter and Reddit to report that their Chipotle accounts were ...

Scam of the Week: Watch out for Fake Emails from HR

The bad guys know how easy it is to trick you with emails that spoof–or appear to come from–your Human Resources team. These attacks are everywhere right now. The emails are often centered around topics such as “new” or “changed” ...

Bring Your Own Device vs. Enterprise Devices

Why Businesses Should Make the Investment for Employees Mobility has become a major asset for modern businesses. It gives companies an edge when employees can work from anywhere with remote access on any device ranging from a cell phone, tablet, ...

Scam of the Week: Watch out for Robocall Scams Saying your Social Security Number is Suspended

Be on the lookout for a popular robocall scam that is tricking people into believing their Social Security number (SSN) has been suspended. The robocall tells you to call the number provided to speak with a government agent about the ...

The Modern Office and Security: What you need to know about protecting your business and its data

One of the most critical components of the modern office environment for a healthy, scalable business infrastructure is security. It is the cornerstone of your IT for it protects the other components that your company needs to keep thriving and ...

The Week in Breach-BBH

Exploit: Unsecured business associate portal BBH: Mental health service provider based in Missouri Risk to Small Business: Severe: BBH has sent letters to ...

Scam of the Week: Realistic Phishing Attacks Take Advantage of U.S. Tax Season

ALERT: Tax season scams are peaking. So, when you get any emails or phone calls about your taxes or W2 forms, verify whether the person sending ...

Scam of the Week: Fake Calls from the IRS

With taxes due in the upcoming days, you should be on high alert for fraudulent calls claiming to be from the Internal Revenue Service. These scammers insist that you owe money to the government. Then, they threaten you with loss ...

IT Tips for Today’s Tax Professionals

With tax day just two weeks away, many people may have their minds set on getting their taxes filed fast if they haven’t done so already. Tax professionals always find themselves swamped from February to May with businesses and individuals ...

Misconceptions About Outsourcing It Solutions

Are you considering whether or not to outsource hospitality consulting in Boston? Are you wondering how outsourcing hospitality IT solutions can be more profitable than having a dedicated in-house doing the same job? Whenever the term “outsourcing” is mentioned, it’s ...



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