Are you considering whether or not to outsource hospitality consulting in Boston?

Are you wondering how outsourcing hospitality IT solutions can be more profitable than having a dedicated in-house doing the same job?

Whenever the term “outsourcing” is mentioned, it’s often associated with high costs. But did you know that outsourcing hospitality IT solutions to a hospitality consultant in Boston is more affordable than creating and maintaining an in-house team?

Yes, it's true: outsourcing IT solutions will prove to be cheaper in the long run than having an in-house IT staff.

In today’s post, we are going to debunk common misconceptions about outsourcing IT solutions to a business management solutions agency:


Many companies think that outsourcing IT solutions means having to shell out a tremendous amount of money. The truth is, however, that the cost is dependent upon the needs of the business. Overall, outsourcing is a more cost-efficient option. How so? Creating an in-house team requires hiring network experts, hardware specialists, and security chiefs. It also means investing in big tools and technology, and training your staff on the new systems. Instead, consider that you could hire a consultant that takes care of these issues for you, saving you time and money.

Outsourcing It Solutions


Just because you have outsourced a team doesn't mean they aren’t invested in your company. The job of an IT service provider is to make sure that your organization’s network and support system is operating at peak efficiency. Outsourcing agencies like ORAM Boston are dedicated to providing support of the highest quality.


One of the biggest fears companies face when they consider outsourcing is the loss of control over their organization. Outsourcing doesn’t mean you need to relinquish control or decision-making powerl. ORAM Boston will involve you on all levels responding to every question, piece of feedback and report.. You - the business owner - retain your position as the supervisor of your network support and security solutions. You would have the same level of control with both an outsourced and an in-house team will be the same, but with ORAM Boston, you get better quality service at a reasonable price.

Just like any industry, hospitality struggles with the common IT issues such as database overloading, network troubles, data loss, and privacy concerns. It difficult to create an in-house team of industry experts without sacrificing valuable time, internal resources and money.

Outsourcing hospitality IT solutions would benefit your business in the long run by saving you time and money that you can invest in your top priorities. Ultimately, you decide what is best for your business; however, don’t fall for the common misconceptions listed above if you are considering outsourcing hospitality IT solutions.

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