10705198_SDoes your company use Microsoft Outlook for its email exchange server? Microsoft Outlook continues to be one of the top email hosts for many busy offices. Microsoft Outlook offers endless options for creating a more organized and surprisingly efficient system. Check out a few of these quick tips, and start streamlining your desktop for greater proficiency.

  • Learn a few shortcuts. Outlook offers many quick and easy shortcuts for commonly used actions. Examples include: Ctrl+R (reply to email); Alt+W (forward email or view a weekly calendar); and Alt+S (send email).
  • Quickly create new items from the clipboard. Once you have copied needed text to a clipboard, pressing Ctrl+V creates a new document (from the current file view) with the same text. This helps to be more efficient so you are not wasting time creating a new item, copying, pasting, etc. It does it all in one step!
  • Limit notifications to the ones you need the most. Quit being distracted by “you’ve got mail” icons. You can set Outlook up to notify you only for VIP contacts and messages by creating a new rule within your email options.
  • Create search folders for frequently accessed emails. If you perform a particular search often, next time save the search for quick accessibility. You can do this by clicking on Search Folders under the navigation menu, and select “New Search Folder”. From here you can now customize search specifications or use wizards.

Microsoft Outlook contains many more options and tools for speeding up efficiency and progress. Outside of emails, Outlook offers calendar, task and note options that become your own personal assistant. You can set reminders, alarms, meeting notes and more to help manage reports and other needed data. If you are an Outlook user, what kind of shortcuts and quick tips do you use?