Earlier this month, information technology provider Kaseya was the target of a massive cybersecurity attack. Many IT companies use Kaseya’s software to manage and monitor their clients’ computers remotely. The cyberattack resulted in over 1,500 organizations becoming victims of ransomware.

Cybercriminals are now using the Kaseya incident as bait to catch your attention and manipulate your emotions. You can expect to see scammers referencing this event in phishing emails, vishing attacks, and social media disinformation campaigns.

Here are some tips to stay safe:

  • Watch out for Kaseya-related emails—especially those that claim your organization has been affected.
  • Do not respond to any phone calls claiming to be from a “Kaseya Partner”. Kaseya released a statement that they are not asking partners to reach out to organizations.
  • Be suspicious of social media posts that contain shocking developments to the story. This could be false information designed to intentionally mislead you—a tactic known as disinformation.