cybersecurity toolkit

Spending in the global cybersecurity market has been projected to hit over $165 billion by 2023. Cyber security is big money, but that isn’t because hackers focus on big enterprises. Hackers don’t care about the size of your business. Their attacks are indifferent to employee size. Cyber crime is “equal opportunity.” Small, medium and enterprise businesses are all at risk.

According to the Better Business Bureau’s (BBB) 2017 State of Cybersecurity Among Small Businesses in North America report, “more than one out of five businesses reported being a target [of a cyberattack] in the last 12 months.” But… “about nine out of ten businesses reported they have some cybersecurity measures in place, with common ones being: 1) antivirus; 2) firewall; and 3) employee education.”

Unfortunately, we must understand that cyber attacks are no longer a matter of “if” it will happen to you but “when” it will. Businesses are no longer in the dark about the necessity of securing their data and planning for how to respond. For smaller businesses, they must carefully choose their plans of action and be conscientious of cost. That’s why BBB found “cost and the organization’s lack of resources is the number one challenge these businesses face in adopting cybersecurity practices.”

We work tirelessly to support small businesses in finding the right solution within the necessary cost constraints for addressing cyber security. We’ve provided a collection of resources, advice and best practices for small to mid-sized businesses in our Enterprise Security Toolkit. It’s your first step in creating a proactive and well-managed security program for your business, filled with a wealth of information including the following specific items:

  • The top 3 key vulnerabilities that hackers exploit
  • 5 ways to protect your wireless network
  • 5 warning signs that your system has been hacked
  • Security advice on how to handle departing employees and contractors
  • The top 10 security and configuration mistakes made when setting up your own IT network
  • Advice on enterprise data breaches and their lessons for small businesses

The BBB found that only 35 percent of businesses could remain profitable for longer than 3 months if they suffered from a hack that deleted essential data. Not setting up the necessary protections or planning for recovery with backup-data steps in the event of a hack are existential mistakes for businesses of any size. Click on the link today to gain access to our valuable information that will make an immediate impact on the security of your data. In today’s economy your most valuable asset is your data. Protect it vigilantly. Get the Enterprise Security Toolkit for Small Businesses.