3303473 - cyber security imagesCybersecurity for your small business can feel overwhelming. Large corporations dedicate sizable budgets to protecting their data yet still get attacked. Maybe you feel like you can’t find the money for protection. Or perhaps you feel like you’re under the radar and hackers won’t notice you. So why worry?

Did you know that in 2015 nearly 170 million records were exposed from data breaches? This is according to the Identity Theft Research Center, and those numbers only represent data from attacks within the United States.

Don’t ignore the numbers: protect your business today.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with the hardware and software necessary for getting your security ducks in a row, give us a call! Then do one of the most important steps in protecting your data: train your employees!

Did you know that the federal government has provided free resources to you to help you teach your employees what they should do to protect themselves and your business’s data? The National Cyber Security Alliance works closely with the Department of Homeland Security to help protect you. You can find resources about employee training programs that outline the following tips for training employees on StaySafeOnline.org:

  1. Keep computers clean--Help employees understand why it’s not safe to install certain programs on their machines so they don’t open up security vulnerabilities.
  2. Use strong passwords--Teach employees to use phrases instead of one or two words; use separate passwords for separate accounts; enable two-step authentication when available.
  3. Dump doubtful emails--If they receive an email that looks questionable, don’t test the waters by checking the links to see if they’re suspicious; just delete! Teach employees about the spam filters and put those to work.
  4. Back up important data--Set up automatic backups or have employees set that up themselves, just make sure that it’s getting done!
  5. Speak up--If employees notice strange happenings on their computers, make sure they report it! You can’t fix an attack if you don’t know it’s happening.

There’s more to cybersecurity than simply a good firewall. Call us to get set up with the appropriate protection through hardware and software solutions; then sit down with your employees and train them! You can have the best technology to protect your data, but if a person circumvents it all, you’re sunk. Make training a big part of your cybersecurity budget.