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This Week in Breach: Oregon Department of Human Services (DHS)

Oregon Department of Human Services (DHS): State agency of Oregon. Risk to Small Business: Severe: Last Thursday, the Oregon DHS announced that it suffered a data breach after nine employees opened phishing emails and exposed their accounts to hackers. As a result, ...

Scam of the Week: Bad Guys are Moving to Mobile Phishing for Gift Card Scams

The bad guys are taking advantage of innocent employees by posing as one of your organization’s executives or even your CEO. Using methods of urgency and authority, they intimidate you into buying gift cards for “business reasons”. This trick has ...

Why you Should Outsource IT Services for Your Small Business

Small businesses working with little capital have the most growth potential. In order to run a successful business, however, one has to mix hard work with innovative techniques and tricks that can help the company expand. One such strategy is ...

The Biggest Backup Mistakes Businesses Make

Companies rely heavily on technology for their day-to-day operations - from customer service and ordering to manufacturing and accounting. Consider the technology, from hardware to software, your business uses to keep it moving forward every day. Now imagine what would ...

Scam of the Week: Boeing Airplane Crash Email Scam

Warning: There is an email scam going around about the recent Boeing airplane crashes. Be on the lookout for emails in your inbox from someone pretending to be a “private analyst”. The subject line could be similar to “Fwd: Airlines plane ...

Moving Enterprise Resource Planning Applications to the Cloud

Many small businesses use a variety of applications from QuickBooks to Salesforce to handle the needs of company operations. Though larger businesses can use the same mishmash of applications, most have moved to a single Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) application ...

This Week in Breach: Columbia Surgical Specialists

Columbia Surgical specialists: Surgical facility in Spokane, Washington.  Risk to Small Business: Severe: Columbia Surgical Specialists decided to pay almost $15,000 in ransom to unlock files that were encrypted by hackers. After originally discovering the incident on January 9th, the firm ...

Scam of the Week: The Bad Guys Are Spreading Malware Through Popular Messaging Apps

The bad guys are at it again, using popular messaging apps to trick you into downloading malware. These scammers know you’re used to looking out for suspicious emails, so they’re hoping to catch you off guard in the messaging apps ...

This Week in Breach: Roundup

Exploit: Form-jacking attackTopps: Sports trading card and collectible company Read more Exploit: Unauthorized access of electronic health record systemSt. Francis Physician Services: Health system based in South ...

The Modern Office and Business Continuity

What you need to know to protect your company The modern office requires that all components of your business environment work together harmoniously to ensure the best use of your IT infrastructure and seamless scalability as your business grows. One ...



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