Girl Scout data breach

Girl Scouts of America: The preeminent leadership development organization for young girls in the United States.

Risk to Small Business: Severe:A breach that exposes medical history can foster distrust between a customer and an organization.

Individual Risk: Severe: Those affected by this breach are at an increased risk for identity theft and fraud.

Customers Impacted:2,800 members.

How it Could Affect You: This breach could damage the reputation of any business or organization, and in this case could push away current members of the organization and scare away new potential members.

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In Other News:

Facebook’s Folly
Private messages between Facebook users are for sale, and there’s no shortage. 81,000 users’ private messages were accessed by a hacker who is now attempting to sell them, some for as low as 10 cents per account. Facebook has been ravaged by hacks over the last year, and the social media juggernaut appears to still be having trouble keeping their customers’ data safe.

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