email managementWhat’s one of the most common things we hear in IT? For so many of us, the reliability of our Internet connection and network is a top priority. If you’re interested in having a faster connection to maximize productivity in the office, we have a simple solution that might surprise you: There are email management best practices that will automatically increase your speeds.

First, here’s a brief overview about how the system generally works. To put it simply, data is transmitted in packets over the Internet. Text files, images and other media aren’t transmitted whole in a single message. Instead, the data is sent in pieces and bounced between routers and servers before it arrives at the gateway of your internal network.

That’s why large amounts of data in the system, or just larger files in general, will automatically slow your system as the process works. If the system is handling a high volume of data, you need to streamline the process to speed up upload and download times. For that reason, proper email management is critical to reduce the drag on your bandwidth.

You can do this with the following three best practices for your email system:

1) Use a hosted email filtering service. That way, the email management service will take the brunt of the initial messages, and then filter out any spam or junk mail that doesn’t need to take up the bandwidth in your office. If you have an in-house email server, it will also save on data resources for storage.

2) Have a email management system in place to aggressively filter out and scan for malware. Unfortunately, many computer viruses and malware attacks come through email and attachments. Filtering your email is an incredibly effective tool to reduce your risk. A clean system will automatically increase your bandwidth speeds, as uninfected computers and other devices just work better.

3) Put in place an email management system that filters outgoing files sent by employees. We’ve gone over the benefits of filtering inbound data, but managing your outbound traffic will also protect you from liability, protect your proprietary data, and just make your organization seem more professional over all. You can set a company policy and have your email managed for compliance. Easy!

If you'd like to learn more about email management, how the process works, and the benefits for your business, please get in touch with us at Oram Corporate Advisors. We can help you set in place the framework to better manage your IT infrastructure and set effective policies. We look forward to hearing from you!