This past weekend, the Barbie movie grossed over $350 million at the US box office. With so many people invested in seeing this summer blockbuster, theaters are selling out of tickets quickly. Unfortunately, cybercriminals are taking advantage of this scarcity by posting scam links to see the Barbie movie.

In these Barbie-themed scams, cybercriminals send a phishing email with a link claiming that you won tickets to see Barbie in theaters or that you can download the movie for free. However, if you click the link in either of these offers, you won't be seeing the Barbie movie. Instead, you'll be downloading malware, such as a virus or spyware, that allows cybercriminals to steal your sensitive information.

Follow the tips below to spot similar scams:

Think before you click. Cyberattacks are designed to catch your attention and trigger you to click impulsively.
Be cautious of unexpected opportunities to save money. Remember, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is!
Watch out for sensational or shocking online posts about Barbie. These posts use popular topics to get your attention and then try to trick you into providing sensitive information or access to your device.

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