Concept of power in business with battery pack under the shirtHelp Desk. When you picture this from a decade ago, what do you see? One on-call expert manning the phones? Writing tickets, solving the problems one at a time as they’re reported?

Help Desk today has evolved. Businesses have also evolved their expectations of IT. Support covers more than a computer that won’t restart. IT now covers everything from mobile technology to data security.

A percentage of CEOs agreed on the technological importance of the following, according to the PricewaterhouseCoopers 2015 survey:

  • 68%--technology plan

  • 55%--mobile technology for customer engagement

  • 64%--vision of technology’s competitive advantage

  • 62%--data analytics

  • 61%--data security

  • 75%--cyber security

  • 61%--CEO is “digital and tech champion”

So are you Tech Champion?

This is where your partnership with an IT provider can help you succeed. A great partner can support your business through a proven track record of evaluating existing systems to create a roadmap for your technology to evolve and improve efficiencies.

But a great IT provider doesn’t just work with your existing systems. We can also provide solutions. We recommend changes. We install software to greatly improve your process flow. Think of it as leveling up your IT services.

The help desk of yore was focused on solving problems as they come. They closed tickets as the phone calls came in. But an excellent IT provider is preemptive. We’ve evolved.

Here’s the question: “Are you using the right technology to get optimum results for your business?”

If you’re committed to finding the answer, we’re committed to answering this question with you. Vested on both sides, the IT provider and business customer can implement long-term solutions for today’s evolved technology world.