Spring clean your network

Now that we’ve officially sent winter packing, have you started organizing or cleaning at home or in the office? Spring is a great time to clear out the clutter. Here are seven spring cleaning strategies you should include to help your business network run at peak performance.

  1. Map your network. Mapping out all of the connections of your business data is crucial, not only for knowing what everything entails but also for understanding whether you have security at all of your “entrances” and knowing where to look if you encounter network down times. You could do this by hand, use software such as Visio, use cloud-based mapping tools or work with an IT consultant to diagram all of the pieces. We’d be happy to help review your network with you.
  2. Create or review your downtime troubleshooting step. When your network goes down, business comes to a halt. Do you have the steps in place to recover when that happens? If so, when was the last time you reviewed them for accuracy or updates? Make today the day you create the procedure if you don’t have one.
  3. Schedule cyber security employee training today. You can invest in the best software and hardware for protecting your business against cyber threats, but if you aren’t training your employees, your life raft can be full of holes. Set up those classes right now and get everyone involved with protecting your data. Teach them to prevent it, flag it, report it and respond to it.
  4. Evaluate your relationship with your tech. Are your software and hardware solutions working FOR you or AGAINST you? Technology should be enhancing your skills, not hampering them. Evaluate your business technology and determine if it’s helping to drive your business forward or if it’s become outdated and lags behind.
  5. Clean out your inbox. Are you mass deleting or ignoring a bunch of emails that showed up after attending webinars, downloading white papers or requesting additional information? Take the time to scroll to the bottom of those emails and find the unsubscribe button. Get rid of the digital distractions (and the possibility of any containing unsafe links!).
  6. Physically clean your equipment. When was the last time you cleaned out dirt and dust build up from computers, printers, keyboards and more? Grab a can of compressed air or a small vacuum and protect equipment from overheating or breaking down.
  7. Partner with us to provide managed network services. You need to provide critical infrastructure for your business’s valuable data while supporting the daily workflow and processes of your business. Don’t feel overwhelmed. We have a trusted team of network engineers waiting for your call. Let’s connect.