27667184_SIf you feel concerned over cybersecurity, you are not alone. A recent survey, the Unisys Security Index 2017, reports that for Americans national security is the top concern, replacing financial worries from the 2016 survey. And then what comes in at number two? Financial worries? Nope. It’s viruses and hacking; 56% of respondents feel seriously concerned. This stat has increased a dramatic 55% since 2014, jumping from fourth on the list to second.

The survey shows us that we’re not alone in feeling a high level of concern over security. It often feels like we’re bombarded by story after story of big data hacks. Forrester Research reported about 1 billion online records were compromised worldwide in 2016. University of Maryland found in a study that a hacker attack occurs every 39 seconds.

Your customer is included in this. They are, likewise, seriously concerned about their cybersecurity. Their concerns will continue to rise as we all become more connected through the digital revolution.

From the Unisys report: “People feel [a] lack of control as citizens in a world that not only seems more dangerous than ever, but also one that is more interconnected than ever at the same time.”

Do you think that your customers can look to you and your organization as a place of trust? Americans are looking to the private sector to find that, as they’re concerned over their national security and have a sense of lost trust with the government, as Unisys reported.

What can your organization do? Unisys provided a good list of five things and we’ve added a note about each in how ORAM Corporate Advisors can support your organization in achieving these:

  1. Stop thinking of security as a nice-to-have. It is a must-have that should be built into everything we do. Go right now and download our free Enterprise Security Toolkit for Small Businesses to learn how you can easily monitor and protect your most critical assets.
  2. Move responsibility for security higher in your organization. You may find your biggest hurdle is getting the buy-in from the folks at the top to invest in the right security solution. We have a great list of the advantages of working with an IT outsourcing company that you can use to help present the benefits of working with industry experts on our team.
  3. Focus on prevention first … but assume your organization will be compromised. If your IT infrastructure went down today, how long would it take you to recover and at what cost? We can provide you with a holistic file recovery and data backup solution that suits your budget and minimizes your risks.
  4. Help strengthen cross-border security standards. We help small to medium sized businesses meet regulatory compliance requirements through a comprehensive list of services, from data protection to email encryption. We want to help you feel successful in this area, not overwhelmed by what is sometimes a daunting task.
  5. Work with trusted partners in providing solutions. We have a dedicated mission to support all organizations with secure solutions. We’d love to partner with you today!