Fast-paced advances in technology have changed the way businesses operate and it applies to the hospitality industry as well.  As a result, everyone in the industry from the vendors to the guests are reaping the benefits.

Hospitality companies are introducing new technology in every aspect of their management, from operations and marketing to guest experience. If you are a small hospitality company and are considering shifting to smart technology, outsource the job to Oram Corporate Advisors. We are an IT services company with nearly 15 years of experience. We provide end-to-end IT services for small to medium size businesses across different industry verticals. We are one of the best small business consulting firms to outsource your IT management and support services.

5 Latest Technology Trends in the Hospitality Industry

  • Biometrics 

Biometrics is revolutionizing the hospitality industry. This technology is used to usher in seamless authentications, which improve the customer experience and also benefit the companies. Hotels are introducing fingerprint or facial recognition to unlock hotel rooms. The technology can be used for enabling quick check-in and check-out process to allow seamless purchases,  strengthen security systems and provide personalized customer service. 

  • Artificial Intelligence

Modern customers interact with hospitality companies through their mobile phones and other digital devices. They expect fast responses to their queries and make an instant decision about purchasing their service. Chatbots will help you provide quick responses to customer queries. They can understand simple questions and respond instantly. Apart from chatbots, AI can also be used to personalize customer service and perform data analysis. If you are planning to move to smart technology, consult with our IT professionals. We offer hospitality consulting services and can help you shift your operations from traditional to IT-based methods. 

  • Internet of Things

Another smart technology that is helping the hospitality industry to save money and customize services is IoT or Internet of Things. IoT enables connecting appliances and devices to the internet. These devices can then be controlled through the internet. For example, by using an internet-enabled lighting system, the guests can control the lighting to suit their requirements. They can switch lights on and off using their mobile phones or other devices. In the same way, all the elements of a hotel room like the air conditioning system, television and etc. can be connected to the IoT, which improves the guest experience. To know more about smart technology in the hospitality industry, you can reach out to our business strategy consultants, who will conduct a free technology assessment of your organization and suggest a future strategy.  

  • Big Data

For businesses in the hospitality industry, data is a valuable asset. Big data can be used for behavioral and predictive analysis, which helps to predict trends and implement best business practices. Big data can be used for a variety of purposes, such as revenue management through predictive analysis, developing targeted marketing strategies depending on the behavioral analysis of customers across different demographics. Use Big Data to your advantage by outsourcing the data collection, analysis, and recovery services to our experienced IT professionals with expertise in hospitality consulting. 

  • Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is creating ripples in the hospitality industry with its endless uses. Virtual reality has many applications in hospitality, especially the hotel industry. The technology can be used to provide the customers with a 360-degree view of the hotel room at the booking stage, provide a virtual experience of the local attractions or for entertainment purposes in hotels. 

Keeping up with the latest technology is essential to remain competitive in the hospitality industry. Outsourcing IT and support services is beneficial for small and medium-sized businesses. It is advisable to choose experienced small business consulting firms like Oram Corporate Advisors for this purpose. Our experienced professionals help you in every stage and help introduce smart technology in various aspects of the business. We provide a range of services that include business strategy consultation, managed network, end-user support, regulatory compliance, social media marketing, website management, and e-mail support.