An IT consultant is an individual within an IT consulting team or company that provides digital solutions for businesses. IT consultants are people who help organizations achieve their goals and objectives by using information technology. They understand your business structure and mission, and they can suggest ways in which IT solutions can help you accomplish your goals easily, quickly and in an efficient way. Their job is to also implement these practices and monitor the performance of your overall digital network.

A survey in 2018 suggested that North America is the largest generator of both IT services spending and IT services revenue worldwide. The same survey suggested that in 2018, IT services expenditure globally hit 987 billion dollars. These figures indicate that the IT consultation market is quite lucrative and necessary, especially in North America, and it is expected to increase with every passing year.

Need of IT Consulting Services for a Business

The digital age has brought moved practically everything online. All businesses need to stay digitally updated in order to survive in the highly competitive market. Complete offline survival of even the smallest of organizations is  close to impossible. When an organization integrates information technology in its business, it will need to utilize expert help to set up a network the correct way. Using a professional team will prevent disorganization of data, poorly-designed websites, the routine waste of IT assets and resources, possible data breaches, the absence of data storage, and mismanagement of  an organization’s database.

An IT consulting service provider will help you manage all of these moving parts so you don’t have to get sucked into the details. Once you find a reliable IT consulting company and explain your objectives, they will develop a customized IT solution for your company and will help you implement it in your organization. In the meantime, you can focus on growing your business rather than trying to sort through complex IT issues.

ORAM’s IT Solution

We provide three different IT solution packages at affordable prices. Each package can be exclusively designed to suit your organization without exposing your critical data. 

  1. Strategic IT Consulting Services – We will help you to set up IT infrastructure in your business and manage your overall system. This package includes hardware and software asset management, data management, website support, 24*7 network and server support, desktop services, and authentication and configuration management.
  2. Security Services – The crucial and vital information of your company is forever under threat from intruders, phishers, hackers and other cybercriminals. Therefore, information security should be the highest priority of any IT consultant. ORAM understands this and provides highly protected end-to-end security that can help you fight phishing attempts, virus outbreaks, SPAM and other malwares.
  3. Network Monitoring Services – We will take a proactive approach in monitoring and understanding the health, scope and efficiency of your network. We will keep you updated about your organization in real-time. Our monitoring services include the regular monitoring of assets, application compliance, backup systems, internet connectivity, and employee workstation performance.

If your business is based in Boston and you are struggling with your IT infrastructure, get in touch with us right away. Leave all your IT worries to us and focus on what really matters.