Mobile Friendly

Take a guess: how many hours per week do you spend on your smartphone? According to a 2016 Nielsen study, you probably spend 14.5 hours every single week using apps, surfing the web or watching videos on your phone! This leads to the next question: what are you doing to optimize your small business for our mobile world? Here are our top 3 ways for you!

  1. Create a mobile-friendly website. The first place that prospective customers will likely see you is online. Is your site formatted to display well on phones? And does it display quickly? If they have a poor experience, they will leave quickly – and they won’t be coming back again to see if you’ve had a chance to improve it. If you aren’t sure how well your site performs on mobile, Google will analyze it for you automatically! Just check out their Google Search Console Mobile-Friendly Test. It’s fast, easy and pretty cool to get that peace of mind that comes when your site passes the test.
  2. Give them a mobile app. Make your customer feel like a VIP by offering special deals, location-specific content and additional information. All through your mobile app! What’s the best app for you? That depends on your business. What will give your customers the most added value? Examples might include a loyalty program, special coupons, mobile food ordering or making reservations. Apps aren’t just for games and social media but can help your customers connect to your brand!
  3. Mobile marketing. The mobile marketing world has its own rules for success and its own terminology. If you can learn about and apply some of the following for your business, you’ll be a mobile marketing superstar:
    1. In-app marketing: This mobile optimization strategy delivers ads based on customer data automatically.
    2. Mobile ads: Have you tested your business ads for displaying on a small screen as well as various browsers and monitor resolutions? Make sure they look compelling for the mobile world, too.
    3. Crowd-sourcing: If users search for your business on a crowd-sourced reviewing app, like Yelp, what do they find? Encourage customers to get the word out and give you 5-star reviews!
    4. Social media marketing: Analyze which social media platforms match your business and develop a campaign. Use them to connect with your target audience, whether it’s through LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook or numerous other options. Once you know your best fit, hit your target audience with ways for customers to engage and incentivize them.

When your business targets the mobile world well, you’ll capitalize on the benefits of reaching your audience. And it will be a more targeted audience with your current and potential customers. Get out there today and rock your brand!