Titan: Retailer for tools, housewares, and household appliances.

Risk to Small Business: Severe

Exploit: System breach through malware attack.

Customers Impacted:Total number to be determined, but 1,838 Washington residents were affected.

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Risk to Small Business: Severe

Individual Risk: Severe

Exploit: Injection of card skimming code into website.

Customers Impacted:Total number to be determined

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In Other News:

Hyatt will pay hackers to find security vulnerabilities
Hyatt Hotels recently launched a bug bounty program dubbed HackerOne, enabling ethical hackers to report security flaws for rewards up to $4,000. Considering recent card-skimming attacks against the hospitality chain, the innovative platform is designed to “tap into the vast expertise of the security research community to accelerate identifying and fixing potential vulnerabilities”. Other organizations that are following suit and using the platform include Google, Twitter, the US Department of Defense, GitHub, and Qualcomm.

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