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The Southwest Washington Regional Surgery Center: A Vancouver-based surgery center specializing in orthopedic, spine, podiatry, pain management and plastic surgery.

Risk to Small Business: Extreme:An organization that fails to secure the sensitive payment and medical data of its customers will lose both its standing with customers and a significant amount of money when handling the result of a damaging breach.

Individual Risk: Severe: Those affected by this breach have an increased risk of identity theft and having their medical data sold on the Dark Web.

Customers Impacted:2,393 Patients.

How it Could Affect You: The Organization did a good job reacting to the breach, offering identity monitoring services to victims and setting up a hotline for questions. This breach is like another breach in the region with another health organization in the same building as the Regional Surgery Center. Whether or not these breaches are related is unclear, but health organizations should stay alert, especially with what is allegedly the SAM SAM ransomware being sold openly on the Dark Web.

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A Match Made in The Web
Dating profiles are being bought and sold on the web, but not on the Dark Web. There are organizations that are selling the data over the clear-net. Someone interested in this data could purchase a bundle of dating profiles on an online auction. The data is sold in ‘packs’ categorized by race, sex, sexuality, and other factors. What is done with these profiles is up to the buyer.

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protect online shopping securityHands Off My Data!
Magecart is a credit card skimming malware, used by different unrelated groups that attack in a similar fashion. Magecart is defined by targeting online retailers and has been in the spotlight recently due to several high-profile breaches such as Ticketmaster and British Airways.

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday coming up, there will be a huge bump in online purchases. This time will be open hunting season for hackers trying to get a shot at the billions spent on those days. Here are statistics about Magecart to put into perspective how dangerous the threat is this holiday season.

1/5 = how many breached organizations by Magecart became infected again.
127 Days = Average number of days skimmers remained active on a site.
5,400 = Number of domains found to be infected with Magecart in August, September, and October.

Stay alert when shopping online this Friday and next Monday. For a comprehensive guide on how to keep your credit card data to yourself while shopping this season, take a look at this list of tips from ID Agent.