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What to Know About Cybersecurity Insurance

As adults, we insure our investments from cars to homes and even our lives. Business owners buy insurance for a multitude of purposes, but many have never considered or even heard of cyber insurance. With the ever-growing number of cyber ...

Why a WISP Template is Not the Answer

When it comes to producing a functional, adaptable, and successful written information security plan (WISP) for any company, business leaders must understand that it is not a single document, but a puzzle consisting of many moveable pieces. A WISP is ...

Apple’s iOS 14.5 Allows App Tracking Transparency

Block your app tracking for more privacy and improved security If you own an Apple iPhone, iPad, or tvOS, ORAM Corporate Advisors has great news for you! One of the newest features of iOS 14.5 gives you, the user, control ...

Zero Trust: What It Is and How It Works to Protect Your Data

As a business owner or member of management, you may have heard of the term Zero Trust when it comes to your company’s cybersecurity, but you still may not understand what it is or how it protects your valuable data. ...

Key Insights for Businesses Regarding Cyberattacks

Most business leaders already understand the devastation a cyberattack can have on an organization. As a matter of fact, a study by Accenture called The Cost of Cybercrime demonstrates that 68 percent of business leaders feel their cybersecurity risks are ...



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