A Look at ORAM Corporate Advisors’ Approach and How We Do What We Do

At ORAM Corporate Advisors, we go beyond just general internet technology (IT) services; we also focus on the security of your business. The cybersecurity landscape we are all traversing today between the pandemic, remote employees, and an ever-changing cyber threat environment means employing the right technology to accomplish your business goals combined with the best in security is an absolute necessity. That’s where ORAM comes in.

Your Business Goals Are Our Goals

ORAM Corporate Advisors is an IT support firm offering a range of managed IT services that are very security-focused. Whether you have a large corporation with its own IT department or operate a small company with just a few employees, our professionals become a member of your team to dive deep into your business practices. With the business goals you and your management team set, ORAM’s professionals create the technology plan to match those goals. That might mean bringing in G-Suite, Office 365, or updated hardware to make sure that we always hit your business goals first.

Then, while working in collaboration with you and your management team, we make sure that your business is as secure as possible. ORAM provides a thorough white-glove service with direct, consistent communication with you to ensure that we are giving your business exactly what it needs so ORAM exceeds your every expectation.

ORAM’s Approach

For new businesses getting started or for those starting over, ORAM can build your business IT, software, and security from concept to fully implemented. We can assist in a variety of scenarios with anything that may come up in setting up a new building. At ORAM, we are constantly working with construction teams, building offices out, and helping plan the wiring for new office spaces. We are very active in being hands-on with our clients to ensure they get what they need.

When we are looking at a new venture, we examine all areas such as a new phone system, email platform, or fresh security suite during a client meeting. During that discussion, our IT and security professionals point them in the right direction to ensure they are thinking with their security hat on. After the discussion, we implement the security solutions that we agree upon to meet your organization’s needs and budget.

This approach allows us to work with clients in a variety of industries while providing the best in cybersecurity. At ORAM, we work with clients that require the highest levels of privacy and security including, but not limited to, the financial sector, law, and healthcare. We also work with retail, restaurant, and nonprofit clients.

Working with Individuals

ORAM also works with individuals who have special IT and security considerations. We have experience working with high-net-worth individuals who require everything from networking equipment in their home office to email security and beyond. When you need white-glove, concierge IT and cybersecurity services, look no further than ORAM Corporate Advisors.

From the Beginning

During our onboarding, we investigate your organization’s entire IT and security landscape to see what you have, what we can do at that moment, and what can be done better moving forward. We listen to you since you know what equipment your business has, how old it is, and what software you are using. We take the time to get to know your environment and business goals.

ORAM will produce a roadmap to get you where you need to be to accomplish your business goals securely. This model allows you to make the budgetary decision about where and when to make necessary upgrades to achieve your business goals.

What ORAM Does For You

ORAM has assisted businesses and individuals with their needs ranging from managing software subscriptions for everything including Zoom and Microsoft Office 365 as well as Adobe and other general software programs. We also provide program management including regular patching and updates so your business can continue moving ahead seamlessly with the least disruptions and highest levels of security.

Secure connections for remote workers and traveling employees are more important now than ever before. We can create a secure, remote virtual private network (VPN) access, but for most of our clients, we also encrypt their traffic before it even leaves their laptop or desktop. ORAM also has what we consider a network proxy that comes with our service and goes on every one of our client’s workstations. This further increases security.

Restaurants and Retail

We also offer IT and security support for restaurants and retail. When planning out their Wi-Fi, ORAM can easily set up and manage that for retail businesses.

The IT and security experts at ORAM manage many restaurants on the tech side and have even been involved with the full planning and build-out of the entire restaurant. This has allowed us to build a long history and strong working relationships with many of the construction companies around Boston.

Scalability Matters

ORAM has the ability to grow with your organization and its needs. We provide scalable software, programs, apps, and security without the growing pains other IT and security providers may experience. The best part is that we work with small companies all the way up to large firms. No job is too small or too big for ORAM.

Making Moves Easier

If your business relocates, ORAM Corporate Advisors can work with you to make the transition from one location to another as smooth as possible. We can prepare the new office space for your move-in before your employees arrive so they can finish working in the old location and hit the ground running at the new location with zero downtime. Our trained and experienced IT and cybersecurity professionals set up firewalls, answer questions about servers, and set up your phone systems.

Mac-Based Clients

If your business is completely Mac-based, we are here to support you. ORAM was one of the first IT providers in Massachusetts to be certified with Apple.

As a matter of fact, ORAM is one of the consultants out of the Apple Store. Our engineers also carry MacBooks with them. This allows our team to offer diverse services between Apple and Windows. And, of course, we know just how to set up firewalls, handle software procurement, and install printers for your Mac-based technology.

Building Security

When it comes to building security, ORAM can support your business security needs. We can install and manage alarms, cameras, and security applications flawlessly for smaller jobs requiring just a few cameras internally.

For larger building security needs including door access cameras, we have several security partners that we work with to implement larger-scale security projects. This includes key fobs for employees to access doors, license plate readers, and other high-tech security options.

Our Staff

We have seven consultants in the Boston area and we’re a total office of 10. ORAM has four support staff on the backside of that as well. This allows us to offer the expertise you need while maintaining the personal touch and trusted relationships our clients have come to depend upon.

With our smaller staff, ORAM gets to know each environment and business intimately. When we bring on a new client, we welcome them to the ORAM family because that is how we operate. ORAM began in 2005 and we boast a 98 percent client retention rate. At ORAM, we care about every client to ensure they are operational and safe as much as if we were dealing with our own parents’ business.

Primary Consultants

Each ORAM client is assigned a designated primary consultant that will interact with them 80 percent of the time. We always float with a virtual chief information officer (VCIO), managing the account.

Every morning, ORAM staff meets to review what occurred with each of our clients the day before as well as what is happening that day. That means we have a good 48-hour recap and 24-hours in the future with every one of our clients each morning. Should something happen with one of our clients, everyone is in the know and can address any issues that may arise even if your primary consultant is unavailable for some reason.


When it comes to updates, patches, maintenance, and ongoing management, ORAM takes a proactive approach to avoid issues upfront. If something goes wrong, clients can call us any time. We are available whenever you need us, 24-hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year.

Problems can often be handled remotely with Help Desk support, but if you do need someone on-site, we can do that. It’s very common for us to offer a mix of both services. ORAM engineers can pop in and out of the office as often as our clients need it.

Our engineers know to be arrows, not machine guns. What that means is that we are very deliberate in our communications so we can get in and get out when we’re needed. This allows you to focus on your business rather than your IT and cybersecurity.

Our Pricing Model

ORAM offers a free initial consultation and estimate for services based on your company’s unique needs. We do have a minimum of five users as a starting point with no ad hoc clients allowed. This means smaller groups can grow into that number easily and we can expand that to cover any number of users to accommodate for your business growth.

At ORAM, we calculate costs by the total number of users in your business and any third-party add-ons such as business partners. For a monthly fee, you can use ORAM services as many times as you wish. Some months may require more of our services while others may require less. Sometimes you may need us on-site, other times you may just require Help Desk support. We become part of your environment and are part of the conversation for you on a monthly basis. That’s where all of our clients are set with a regular monthly fee to make budgeting simple.

As for software, you pay for licensing anyway and we can manage that for you while procuring it for you at a nominal fee since we have select partnerships with many manufacturers. We work to match the IT services and software you need with security while meeting your budget.

To learn more about how ORAM can assist your business, visit us online or call (617) 933-5060. The call is free and there is no obligation so call us today to schedule your initial consultation.