31975083_SHappy New Year from all of us at Oram Corporate Advisors!

Right now, many of us are looking forward to setting goals to make it a productive and successful year. Tech experts, too, are currently crunching the data and analyzing trends from this last year to make educated predictions for the business environment in 2015.

In our industry, we’re hearing a lot about the growing demand for IT services to keep businesses competitive. Based on recent IT hiring trends, the experts are reporting that there are areas of expertise that are hotter than ever in the tech world. Are you ready to stay competitive with the best professional tech expertise in the following areas for your organization?

Database Administration: The basic foundation of tech service, database administration and management is needed at almost every organization. The IT professionals most in demand for 2015 will be able to interpret the data to help business leaders make informed decisions, and understand the big picture of how the database has been put together to provide flexible, effective service.

Data Security and Compliance: The risk and potential for a business-killing security breach is growing along with innovation, as businesses increasingly adopt new tech to stay competitive. Add to that the number of companies allowing employees to bring-your-own-device to work, and the need for IT professionals with data security and network administration skills is growing along with it.

End-to-End IT Service Management: There is an ongoing need for help desk service and technical support, which will only increase as more organizations take on greater levels of tech complexity to manage and support all kinds of projects. The best IT professionals will be able to provide support that crosses departments and keeps communication open with customers.

If you’re searching to update your IT support and service in these areas in 2015, you don’t have to hire another employee to meet your needs. Instead, you can outsource for this level of IT expertise.

We invite your to get in touch with us at Oram Corporate Advisors with any questions about the outsourced IT services we provide. We wish you a productive, successful year!