Hospitality Trends 2019

The face of the hospitality industry has been evolving for the past two decades. With the world witnessing a noticeable shift in decision-making and buying power, the hospitality industry is poised for some inevitable changes to ensure success and lure customers in the future. To keep you abreast, we share some of the latest hospitality trends that would not only hold centerstage in 2019 but would also be in the limelight beyond 2019. Check them out! 

Mobile-friendly is the new norm.  

The world's transition to mobile does not show any sign of diminishing. Initially, the hospitality industry was required to make their websites merely mobile-friendly. But mobile has become the focal point. Guest look forward to having a hotel app for easy booking, check-in and out and even access rooms with a mobile key. The more mobile-friendly your business is, the more it will thrive. You can seek guidance from hospitality consulting experts like Oram who can help your business achieve the optimum mobile experience to impress and enhance  your guest’s experience.

Smart hotels  

Technology has become an essential ingredient for customer satisfaction and positive experiences. It is defining the way customers are interacting with any brand, from pre-stay to post-stay. Smart hotel rooms are preferred with internet connectivity with the ability to customize options for guests using their voice or an app. Chatbots, robots, artificial intelligence and social media are all taking center stage to provide detailed information to guests and enhance their  overall experience.  

The trend of vacation rentals to stay 

The sharing economy is quickly becoming mainstream. Options like Airbnb, B&B and apartment owners are providing a first-class staying experience that is not only different from a hotel but a 'home away from home.' It is growing at such a pace and level that even single to multiple B&B and apartment owners are seeking hospitality consulting services in Boston to keep their guests hooked and coming back again for an enthralling experience.  

Sustainability is the key. 

The conscientious Millennials and Generation Z travelers constitute a significant population of travelers. Being completely aware of and accepting their social responsibilities, they prefer eco-friendly hotels and hospitality outlets over others. They are concerned about the extent of the carbon footprint they leave behind. With the people's expectations growing, hospitality consulting is being sought by numerous accommodation providers to develop a more sustainable and eco-friendly business model with small details like a plastic straw alternative.  

The local experience is becoming the ultimate.  

Today, travelers are counting on experiencing the local culture. It could be its art and traditional decoration in the rooms, and communal space aimed towards the food and cuisine market. Regional cuisines and local flavors with an emphasis on health are growing rapidly.  

Healthy and innovative culinary experience 

Consumers are drawn more towards healthy foods. Thus, culinary concepts like farm-to-table and seed-to-table are gaining momentum. Locally sourced and vegetable-centric food demand is on the rise. Customers are more open to new culinary experiences for pleasure and delight to all the senses.  

The line between formal and casual dining is getting blurred. High-quality cuisine is in demand at accessible points. Quests for unique flavors, traditions and experiences are paving the way  with increasing popularity for delights like street foods, open-fire cooking, barbeque and etc. In this age of Instagram, visual delight is a necessary to appease the sensory delight.  

Final words  

Ever-changing global market landscape and customer values are making the hospitality industry more transversal. Despite this, human touch and human relations are proving to be vital in delivering memorable experiences and services to the customers in the hospitality industry. Your business cannot afford to lag in the current and emerging changes in operations, design and technology.

 Oram Boston is your ultimate one-stop business partner to keep you abreast on and implement all the latest trends so that your business flourishes and leaves all the competition behind. Contact us today to know how we take advantage of all emerging trends to work in favor of your business and keep it flourishing.