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ORAM's Complete Guide to Password and Passphrase Security in 2022

In the last five years, best practices for passwords have changed and that has been in direct response to changes in the methods cybercriminals are using to execute attacks and breaches. Malware was once the main way bad actors invaded ...

SCAM OF THE WEEK: Sophisticated Spear Phishing

Last month, researchers at Fortinet observed a sophisticated phishing email sent to a Hungarian diplomat. In the email, cybercriminals disguised themselves by using the first and last name of an employee in the diplomat’s IT department. In this case, the ...

SCAM OF THE WEEK: Spoofed SMTP Relay Services

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) is the standard method that mail servers use to send emails. Organizations typically use an SMTP relay service to send mass emails, such as marketing materials. Some organizations use Gmail as an SMTP relay service, ...

New Zoom Feature: Gesture Recognition

Zoom just released a new feature for all users for gesture recognition. This new feature has to be enabled in your desktop client. Please follow the instructions from Zoom here. You will also need to update to the most recent ...

SCAM OF THE WEEK: The Keep-It-Simple Scam

In a new scam, cybercriminals use short, simple phishing emails to try to sneak past security-aware employees. The scam itself is a typical credential-stealing phishing attack: You receive an email notification stating that some of your emails could not be ...



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