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Scam of the Week: Using Synonyms to Scam, Con, and Dupe You

Most email clients have security filters that scan your incoming emails for keywords. When certain keywords accompany other suspicious elements, the email will be filtered into your Spam or Trash folder. But cybercriminals can bypass your email filter using one ...

Top Methods for Secure Remote Access

Quarantine-weary Americans have begun to return to travel again and are accessing networks to continue to work out of the office. While some people are also beginning to return to the office as vaccines for COVID-19 are now readily available, ...

Scam of the Week: QuickBooks Used as Bait for a Quick Scam

An easy way for cybercriminals to get your attention is to claim that you owe a large amount of money. Pair this claim with a QuickBooks-themed phishing email and malicious malware, you get a dangerous cybersecurity threat. The cybercriminals send ...

Scam of the Week: Credential Scam With a Clever Twist

If you try logging in to an account, but get a “wrong password” error what do you do? You’ll probably try typing the same password again. But if that doesn’t work do you try another one of your passwords? Then ...

Scam of the Week: Smishing and Shortened URLs

Smishing (text message phishing) continues to grow in popularity. Smishing attacks can be difficult to catch, especially because both legitimate and phishy text messages tend to use shortened URLs. A URL is the web address of a page. Typically, the ...



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