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Malware: A Malady That Can Be Avoided

Cybercriminals are always looking for ways to infiltrate business systems and want a big payday. According to Mimecast’s State of Email Security Report 2021, email remains the most popular way to try to get around network security. The report found ...

Scam of the Week: Voice Changing “Catphish”

In a recent phishing attack that targets single men, cybercriminals show us how they use modern technology to trick their victims. The scam starts with the cybercriminal posing as a single woman and befriending their target on social media. Then, ...

Intrusion Prevention Systems

How they protect business data Data and network security are always at the top of mind for business leaders and one of the best programs any organization can employ is an Intrusion Prevention System or IPS. ORAM Corporate Advisors recommends ...

Scam of the Week: Tricky PDF Files

Cybercriminals have a new favorite phishing lure: PDF files. A PDF is a standard file type that presents text and images in their original format regardless of which program you use to open the file. Unfortunately, this makes the use ...

Scam of the Week: Advanced Phishing Hidden in Plain Text

Cybercriminals are using advanced tactics to disguise dangerous malware as harmless text files. Using a phishing email, the bad guys try to trick you into downloading a file attachment named “ReadMe_knl.txt”. Typically, files ending in .txt are plain text documents ...

Scam of the Week: Classic Facebook Phishing

While cyber threats continue to advance in new and intimidating ways, classic phishing methods are still a favorite among bad guys. Let’s take a look at a recent Facebook-themed phishing attack and see if you can spot the red flags: ...

Scam of the Week: Instagram Influencer Scams

As the name suggests, an influencer is someone whose opinions influence a large social media audience. While influencers usually attract sponsorships from legitimate brands, these accounts can also be used as a tool for cybercriminals. Instagram influencers often host special ...

Modern Firewalls: What They Do for Business

The modern firewall is a large part of today’s enterprise security. No longer is it a simple barrier keeping out viruses. Firewalls have evolved over the years to include a much heartier menu of security software to protect organizations everywhere. ...



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