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This Week in Breach-Hanna Andersson

Exploit: Malware attack Hanna Andersson: Children’s clothing maker Risk to Small Business: Severe: Cybercriminals infected Hanna Andersson’s online store with payment skimming malware that collects customers’ personally identifiable information. The breach impacted customers shopping between September 16 and November 11, 2019. The ...

Common Methods Cybercriminals Use to Breach Your Business

There are many ways bad actors can penetrate your business, steal your data, and hold your company ransom. While some are nearly laughable, all are very sneaky and deceitful. Here are some of the most common methods cybercriminals use to ...

This Week in Breach-LimeLeads

United States - LimeLeads Exploit: Unsecured database LimeLeads: B2B lead generation service Risk to Small Business: LimeLeads failed to secure an internal server, allowing a prominent threat actor to acquire and subsequently sell the company’s data on the Dark Web. ...

Common Obstacles and Threats Small Businesses Encounter to Achieving Cybersecurity

When it comes to securing business data, small businesses face many obstacles. They range from denial of risk to ignorance about digital security and the failure to use security features properly. Here are the top obstacles we have seen businesses ...

How Does a Business Management Consultant Add Value to Your Business?

Whether it is an IT firm or an HR firm, you will find a business management consultant at every place. Every organization considers a business management consultant as a great asset when it comes to decision making. The reason being, ...

The Week in Breach: Alomere Health

United States - Alomere Health  Exploit: Phishing attack Alomere Health: General medical and surgical hospital Risk to Small Business:  Severe: Two employees fell for a phishing scam that gave hackers access to patients’ protected ...



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