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Business Challenges In 2019 and How To Face Them

In 2019, the focus is on innovation in business. The business landscape is competitive and overcrowded, and the demand is growing for businesses to utilize ...

This Week in Breach: ResiDex Software

Exploit: Unauthorized network access ResiDex Software: Software provider for assisted-living, group facilities, and care-giving organizations Risk to Small Business:  Severe: When the software company was the victim of a ...

Scam of the Week: Look Out for Office 365 “File Deletion” Emails

The bad guys have crafted emails that spoof Office 365 and warn that your files are being “deleted”. They’re sending these emails to a great ...

Scam of the Week: Beware of Voicemail Phishing Scams

If your organization uses online voicemail services, you’ve probably used links in notification emails to check your new messages. Lately, scammers are creating look-alike notification messages that trick you into giving up your login credentials.

The Modern Office and Connectivity: Why Access to IT Drives Today’s Businesses

As we discuss what makes the modern office function fluidly, we cannot overlook the importance of connectivity. While the end user sees only a portion of internet technology (IT) that actually exists, the fact of the matter is that IT ...

This Week in Breach: Quest Diagnostics

Exploit: Unauthorized network access Quest Diagnostics: Clinical laboratory company with operations in the United States, the United Kingdom, Mexico, and Brazil. Risk to Small Business:  Severe: A collection ...

Scam of the Week: Think Before You Tweet

If you’ve ever used social media to make a complaint about a company, you’d know that many organizations are quick to respond to this public expression. But have you ever stopped to question whether the account responding to your concern ...

This Week in Breach: Checkers Drive-In

Exploit: Malware Checkers Drive-in Restaurants Inc.: Fast food chain operating in 28 states Risk to Small Business: Severe: Hackers successfully infected 102 of the company's point-of-sale systems with malware ...

Scam of the Week: Brand Impersonation Attacks Are at an All-Time High

According to recent reports, phishing attacks that use brand impersonation are at an all-time high. Cyber criminals are posing as familiar companies so they can trick you and get access to your account in order to steal sensitive data or ...



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