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Putting out fires all day? You could use an awesome IT partner!

If you feel like you’re putting out a million fires each day and can’t think far into the future for more IT requests, we can help! We’d love to be your partner to alleviate some of the many hats CIOs ...

Team inspiration

“Inspiration is what carries us over the long term, connected to what is driving us to pursue our potential.”

7 ways to spring clean your business network

Now that we’ve officially sent winter packing, have you started organizing or cleaning at home or in the office? Spring is a great time to clear out the clutter. Here are seven spring cleaning strategies you should include to help ...

Do you virtually lock the doors at night for your business?

When you go to bed for the night at home, you lock your doors and windows and set the alarm. Are you doing the same for your business virtually?

The app economy is expected to reach $6.3 trillion by the year 2021. Time to put a horse in the race!

How have you improved the integrity of your business culture using data?

What is one thing you’ve done to create a data-driven organization? How has it added to the integrity of your business culture?

"Play up what you’ve got, and forget about what you don’t have." - Barbara Corcoran

The surprising cost of malware

Malware isn’t a tangible object but it does have real world impacts. In fact, a recent study showed that American businesses spend 9% of their budgets combating cyber crime damages caused by malware attacks. That’s a lot of money being ...

Walmart is testing a new employee dress code:

How do you set goals for corporate data?

Most businesses know the strategy for their tech tools and software, but few know where to start with goals for corporate data. We can help!



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